For all of these businesses, UNA provides advertisement in return for their services.

Gyro- I will occasionally take photos during or after class

PT- please take a photo before or after your session, either of the studio, practitioner, or yourself with/without practitioner and send to Chuck or post on your own social media (tagging @symbiopt and @unaprojects)

1 free session each month per person


to book, visit symbiopt.com, and select the FIDI location, and Stavros as the practitioner. 

additional sessions would be charged through insurance if accepted

or offered at dancer rate -  $100

*FIDI Location includes use of the SUPERSPA!! (it's co-ed, and located through the bathrooms.

Company Gyro Classes BY REQUEST


if interested in a class, text Chuck and he will check availability

has to be a minimum of 2 people to be a class


Wednesday 6:30PM, 7:30PM

(if an empty slot is available in Chuck's open 7:30PM class- company members can join)

Saturday 11:30AM


Miki Orihara’s Spinal Gymnastics class

aka Gyrokinesis + Miki Special Warm up

(please don’t share this video with others)

Password- Miki

Miki Orihara’s Spinal Gymnastics Class

aka Gyrokinesis + Miki Special Warm up

(please don’t share this video with others)

Password- Miki


1 acute appointment each per month


Schedule an acute appointment at bernalhomeopathy.com

*included- acute injury, soreness, inflammation, pain (joint, muscles, etc), cold, flu, and other non-chronic (non-recurring) things like acute headaches, stomach aches, nausea etc.

*if you do want to receive constitutional care (for more comprehensive care, chronic symptoms, recurring things including recurring injuries or pain, skin issues..and lots more- check out the website) you would receive a discounted rate - $50 for initial intake and $20 for follow ups (if remedy is sent to you)