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UNA is seeking dancers for part-time work in San Francisco in 2024 and

potential touring in 2025.

We are hiring 2-4 people.

UNA is looking for dancers, interested in collaborative development of contemporary dance works that incorporate drag performance. We are prioritizing LGBTQIA+, Gender-non-conforming and Trans artists, and those with professional experience are preferred.

We are hiring for the development of an evening-length two-part show titled Beyond, which will incorporate dance, drag, and live music. The production will be directed and choreographed by Artistic Director Chuck Wilt in collaboration with the entire cast, and with contributing Director/Dramaturg, Eric Garcia. The first chapter of Beyond will be an ode to Queer love, through dance, lipsync, and live music. The second chapter of Beyond will be a re-imagining and Queering of the Rite of Spring.

Our rehearsal schedule is still being solidified, though initial rehearsal periods will likely begin in April 2024 and go through December 2024. Rehearsals will take place in San Francisco. This will be part-time work, travel and housing in SF are not provided. We plan to work in intensive weeklong/multi-weeklong research periods in Spring & Summer, then weekly rehearsals in the Fall leading up to performances in December.

Once we receive materials, selected artists will be invited to participate in an in-person audition on Sunday January 21st from 11:30-2:30 with the possibility of a callback on Monday January 22nd from 11:30-2:30 in San Francisco. 

IN 2024, UNA is able to pay dancers as independent contractors, at $25/hr for rehearsals in SF.


  1. videos of you performing AND improvising (for long videos please provide cue points)

  2. your resume

  3. A brief introduction (video or written), so that we can get to know you a little - our preference is a short video introduction 30 sec-1 min. Please let us know your name, pronouns, current artistic practice, any access needs in being a contractor/collaborator, and anything else you would like to share with us!

  4. Please state your general availability, any known/pending commitments throughout the year, and amount of flexibility with your schedule. This will help us understand your availability for the project, once our rehearsal schedule is solidified.

IF YOU HAVE SUBMITTED IN THE PAST, we welcome you to send us updated materials for consideration for this new creation.


All applicants can expect to hear back by December 22

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