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SWELL was a series of new work showings, hosted by Chuck Wilt / UNA. Through three years of Seasonal Showings, SWELL brought a unique opportunity to emerging choreographers:


challenging choreographers to show “new work” to an audience in order to facilitate the making or revising of choreography. By sharing an early to middle stage of a choreographer's process, an audience creates a deeper relationship to the choreographer and the developmental timeline of their art. The audience is invited to have a dialogue with the artists and be a part of their process and development.

SWELL was made possible through generous support from Tisch Dance NYU, Directed by Sean Curran and the Tisch Summer Dance Festival, Directed by Pamela Pietro.

Train with UNA was an opportunity to learn movement modalities such as Yoga, Pilates and GYROTONIC® taught by UNA company members. These opportunities included classes and private sessions.

Rodeo (2015)

ODC Theater

Excerpt of Harrowing

by Bobbi Jene Smith

Photo by David DeSilva

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